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Our infant room provides a secure, flexible environment that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual baby.  At Common Ground, a high level of personal contact and appropriate stimulation are used to foster a baby's physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.  Stimulation activities include songs and instrumental music, indoor and outdoor walks, and group play giving the children a full and exciting day! 

We encourage nursing mothers or parents of infants to come to our center to feed or play with their babies at their convenience throughout the day.  Our goal is for this earliest "home away from home," experience to be positive for both child and parents.  In addition, we also invite siblings to visit with their younger brother(s) and/or sister(s) during the day. 




When children are developmentally ready (at approximatley one year of age), they transition to our toddler program, which offers a welcoming environment for toddlers to learn and express themselves and think creatively.  The room is filled with age-appropriate dolls, blocks, books, and colorful manipulatives which we use to structure creative and informative play.


In this program, we emphasize language usage to express needs and as a tool for social interaction.  Numerous music, art, and movement activities are provided to foster the development  of a wide range of budding talents.  Many songs and ganes are introduced at this level; books regarding appropriate social skills, colors, and numbers are read to children daily.  Furthermore, toddlers are presented with opportunities to practice gross motor skills and develop an awareness of basic social skills.  We also promote care-of-self routines such as eating and hand washing.  Walks and playground time (both indoor and outdoor) are provided daily and we serve fresh food, family style, with teachers joining students at the table. 



Children in our preschool program learn through play and hands-on activities in a relaxed, safe, and caring atmosphere.  Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum and an online assessment resource to track each child's individual development.  We provide a wide variety of activities, including number and letter projects, science, cooking, stories, dramatic play, blocks, arts-and-crafts projects, music and field trips.  These activities foster the development of creativity, imagination, coordination, independence, gross and fine motor skills, and music appreciation of our children. 



Our pre-K program focuses on enhancing the developing skills of the preschooler and preparing for Kindergarten.  Our program is designed by DLM and uses the learning cycle of wonder - investigate - share.  Language, comprehension, science, early math, drama, art and social skills are the core pillars of curricular study.

Children are encouraged to engage in a variety of literacy activities and classroom enrichments that develop learning and academic outcomes.  Furthermore, we use Preschool First to track individual development needs on a weekly basis, make custom learning plans for each child, and maintain a variety of developmentally appropriate activities necessary for optimal learning. 

We foster childrens' development by allowing them to freely express themselves and pursue their unique abilities.  We also focus on the importance of communication and social skills that are needed for entering Kindergarten.  


School Age

Common Ground's school age program provides a balance of educational, enrichment and recreational activities in a safe, positive, comfortable and family like environment.  Independent and organized activities include homework support, arts & crafts, games sports and free play.

We provide before-school, after-school care, and drop-in care for children attending elementary school.  We offer many options (e.g. full week before/after school care, before school only, before/after school 3 days per week, etc.) . We offer programs during winter break, spring break and FCPS closure days (e.g. student holidays and unscheduled closures), to fit each family's needs and schedules; please contact us for details.