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When children are developmentally ready (at approximately one year of age), they transition to our toddler program, which offers a welcoming environment for toddlers to learn and express themselves and think creatively.  The room is filled with age-appropriate dolls, blocks, books, and colorful manipulatives which we use to structure creative and informative play.


In this program, we emphasize language usage to express needs and as a tool for social interaction.  Numerous music, art, and movement activities are provided to foster the development  of a wide range of budding talents.  Many songs and games are introduced at this level; books regarding appropriate social skills, colors, and numbers are read to children daily.  Furthermore, toddlers are presented with opportunities to practice gross motor skills and develop an awareness of basic social skills.  We also promote care-of-self routines such as eating and hand washing.  Walks and playground time (both indoor and outdoor) are provided daily and we serve fresh food, family style, with teachers joining students at the table.