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Ages 6-12

Our newly redesigned program offers a perfect blend of experiential learning and the classic day camp environment we all loved as children.

 Our Summer Camp focuses on outdoor challenges and experiences that children will remember for a lifetime.

Our Summer Camp focuses on outdoor challenges and experiences that children will remember for a lifetime.

reston's best non-profit summer camp

Because of our non-profit status, we put everything we have back into our camp.  Children experience a high-level of care and love that immerses them into our camp experience and has them never wanting to leave!  From 6 -12 years of age.

Our Program Includes:


Themed Sessions

Each week the children are immersed in our themed session activities.  Thematic learning helps to weave curriculum through different parts of your child's day and create a cohesive experience. 


snack provided

No need to pack a snack for your kiddo!  Common Ground has your back with healthy, fresh snacks prepared daily! *note for previous Common Ground families this is a change as lunch will NOT be provided.  



Field trips and excursions

Each week the children attend one field trip pertaining to the theme.  A trip to the pool is also provided weekly and included in the camp pricing. 



We have some of Reston's best talent visiting us this summer to support our themes!  Under new leadership, we have never been so connected to Reston's best.


session one - 6/18-22

Reston Nature - Campers will dive into the habitats, biomes, climate, and beauty of our little place called Reston.  With trips to Great Falls, and Walker Nature Center, this session is a great way to kick off our summer of amazing-ness! 

Session two - 6/25-29

Community Heroes - Campers will explore the world of superheroes and villains to teach them the importance of giving back and helping in their community.  It's a week of excitement and service!  You will not want to miss this one! 

Session three - 7/3-6 (closed on 7/4 in honor of independence day)

Adventures in Storytelling - Campers will learn to craft their own stories and illustrate them, act out shorts with friends, and practice their creative skills playing improv games!  This session is a mixture of writing, art, games, acting, and teamwork all to teach them about how storytelling is our greatest link to the past!

session four - 7/9-13

When I Grow Up - Campers visit a different profession each day to learn all about what others in our community do for a living.  This session's daily field trips include a restaurant, veterinarian office, fire house and much more!  The idea is to give the campers the understanding that no matter what it is, they can accomplish getting there through hard work! 

Session five - 7/16-20

Coders Unite - Campers will build their own Raspberry Pi computers and learn to code on them through Scratch Jr. and Minecraft!  Students will also design their own game as a group and learn how to bring it to market! 

Session six - 7/23-27

Shark Tank - No other camp is offering this amazing theme!  Students learn to discover a problem, collaborate and brainstorm to innovate and solve it!  The best team idea will be funded at the end of the week!  

Session seven - 7/30-8/3

Down by the Beach - Dive into the deep blue as campers are emerged in the wonders of the sea.  Campers will take a trip to the aquarium and walk down to local creeks to learn more about what keeps our water clean and safe! 

Session eight - 8/6-10

Rock Camp - Activate your child's inner musician!  Students will form a band, write a song, and record it to keep for the rest of their lives!  

Session nine - 8/13-17

Artist's Studio - Activate you child's inner artist!  This amazing session of mixed media and creativity will not be one to miss! 

Session 10 - 8/20-24

Outdoor Adventure - Your child will learn the basics of outdoor survival, build a lean-two, and explore Reston's wilderness! 

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